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Thursday, February 16, 2017
3 killed road crash in Bogra

3 killed road crash in Bogra Thursday afternoon (February 16) three people were killed and three others sustained injuries in a road accident in Shahjahanpur upazila of Bogra district.
The deceased were identified as Abul Kalam Azad, 40, hailed from College Road area in Sherpur upazila; Sharifa Sultana alias Sonabhanu, 32, from Nandigram upazila and Saiful Islam, 35, from Sariakandi upazila.
ng witnesses, Silimpur town police outpost in-charge sub-inspector (SI) Shah Alam told Banglanews that a goods-laden truck knocked a CNG-run auto-rickshaw on the by-pass road in Banani Lichutala area of the upazila around 5pm, leaving six injured critically.
Local people rushed them to Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical College Hospital where on-duty physician declared three dead on arrival, he added.
The young man's death sentence for killing child after rape

The young man's death sentence for killing child after rape Children in Mymensingh Sadar upazila daribabukhali Sonia Akhter (07) after rape murder rapist-killer Rafiqul Islam Kajol (22) awarded death penalty.

At the same time, he was given a fine of BDT one lakh.

Thursday (16 February) at the Women and Children Repression Prevention District Court judge. Helal Uddin pronounced the verdict.

Inspector Noazesh Court confirmed Ali Miah. He said that 01 children were killed and raped on April 3.
Tuesday, February 14, 2017
JMB leader Saidur’s trial begins March 14

JMB leader Saidur’s trial begins March 14 A Dhaka court on Tuesday (February 14) framed charges against three, including former chief of Jamaatul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) Saidur Rahman, in a case filed under anti-terrorism act and set March 14 as the date to begin deposition.
The court of Dhaka Sessions Judge Qamrul Hossain Molla came up with the order of beginning the deposition.
Two other accused in the case are Abdullah Hel Kafi, a resident of Dania under Kadamtali Thana and his wife Ayesha Akter.
On May 25 in 2010, Kadamtali Thana police arrested Saidur Rahman from the home of Abdullah Hel Kafi.
Later, Kadamtali Thana sub-inspector (SI) Saiful Islam Khalid filed a lawsuit against the three under the anti-terrorism act.
Abdullah Hel Kafi and Ayesha Akter went into hiding since they got bail from the court.
Bangladesh ahead of Saudi employment in South Asia

Bangladesh ahead of Saudi employment in South Asia Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the South Asian countries of Bangladesh, India, and gradually increasing the number of workers. India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi over 014 Indian workers in Saudi since the number has started to ease.

Janata ka influential media reports on Tuesday the government said, citing the latest statistics released. The decreasing number of Indian workers in Saudi Arabia, it has highlighted how. Bangladeshi and Pakistani workers in Saudi Besides increasing the number of pictures that have been highlighted in the statistics.

According to statistics, the Arab region, only two per cent of the country's 013 (1 thousand 654 people) have employment opportunities for Bangladeshi workers. But two years ago, more than 016 workers in Saudi Bangladeshi workers has increased manifold. Last year, one lakh 43 thousand 913 Bangladeshi workers have been employed in Saudi. 013 percent in the past year, the number reached 19 percent.

At the same time (013) Joined 6 lakh 36 thousand 721 Pakistanis in Saudi. 7 lakh 71 thousand 867 has increased 016 percent; Which is 17 percent higher than two years ago.

The statistics show that, after the Narendra Modi-led government came to power, the number of Indian workers in Saudi Arabia in various sectors has been a major decline. Saudi Arabia has 013 3 lakh 53 thousand 565 Indian workers. The Saudi year for which the workers of different countries, 55 percent of the total.

A year later, after taking power in 014 Indian workers in Saudi Modi of way has been a dramatic decline. 016 Saudi forced to travel for work only one lakh 65 thousand 356 Indian workers. Saudi workers in 013 different countries, 55 per cent of the total 016 in India, but it has come down to 1 percent.

Before coming to power, the BJP-led NDA government in India, the country's two million job creation promises it has gained. Planning Minister Rao Indrajit Singh, Rajya Sabha session of the central government's failure to admit the creation of employment.
Married to the love of reading to catch on in India

Married to the love of reading to catch on in India Meteche around the world to celebrate Valentine's Day. Overcome barriers, dispel fear, to celebrate the day of love. But fear is the fear of Orissa, India, boyfriend-girlfriends. Because of their emphasis on the threat, the wife saw that love will be given.

Not just for the young lovers, Valentine's Day is the celebration of the Day of everlasting love. But the day is not over for the young couples. Meanwhile, at the back of bajaranga dislike. For example, they think, Valentine's Day is against Indian civilization and culture.

Moreover, as the young lovers to celebrate Valentine's Day-girlfriends divers 'evil' that their complaint is. So they are trying to stop the celebration of the Day of Love. Following are the team on the eve of the Day of Love on this issue every year.

This time is no exception. Couples have been threatened, in this red-handed catch of love, the couple will be married before their parents. Park mall, there is no escape anywhere.

The question was leaked mobile banking transactions

The question was leaked mobile banking transactions Most of the money in a variety of question paper leak tests were received money through mobile banking. six people arrested in connection with the scam in question on a lot of similarities were found, said Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP)  Joint Commissioner Abdul Baten.

Tuesday (14 February) at the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) said at a press conference at the media center.

Abdul Baten, using the Messenger Group to open the papers in question were arrested apps. They were all what you need to convince consumers via Messenger. Each question was sold at a price of five hundred to five thousand rupees.

He said most of the money in question leaks were lenadera through mobile banking. The question of the detainees were found a lot of similarities pramne. The first cycle was arrested Faisal. Others involved in the information provided on the basis of his prasnaphamse was arrested.

The Joint Commissioner of DMP, adding that the detainees would be interrogated in custody. More information can be found through the interrogation.

Prior to involvement in the scam and arrested six of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (Dhaka Division).

The arrestees were identified as phayasalura Rahman, Raju Ahmed, johayera Ayaz, Mohiuddin Emon, free Rashed Al Mahmud and Kazi Islam.

The detainees from the laptop, CPU, routers, mobile phones and mobile phone SIM cards were seized.
Monday, February 13, 2017
4 Allah’r Dal men held in Thakurgaon Bangladesh

4 Allah’r Dal men held in Thakurgaon Bangladesh // Police, in a drive, have detained 4 Allah’r Dal members including, their leader in Thakurgaon on Monday (February 13).
The detained are Fakrul Islam Babu, 31, Arif Hossen, 22, Rabbani Haque Fajlu, 24, Mojibul Islam Miron, 32, resident of Atgharia under Pabna, Krishnapur under Thakurgaon, Salandar and kushtia respectively.
They were detained around 9pm from a Krishi Bank officer’s residence.
Thakurgaon police super Farhat Ahmed told Banglanews that, these four had been operating the banned organization since long.
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